Intramural Program


    • The RMS intramural program is designed to provide all students with the opportunity to experience assorted activities.  Students are required to report to the activity on time and to remain at that site until 4:00 P.M. when the after-school activity buses arrive.  Students should have their identification card with in order to ride the bus. Please see links on left side of this page for more information.
    • Students involved in the Intramural Program at RMS are allowed to ride the activity bus if they are current bus riders. The activity supervisor will provide each participant with a bus pass. Each rider must have their ID cards with them along with their activity pass to ride the activity bus. There are two buses that transport students from after school activities. Each student should tell the bus driver what stop they are picked up at and the driver will tell them which bus is the right one for them. Activity bus stops are usually very close to each students morning bus stop. If you have any questions about the activity bus please contact the RMS Main Office at 612-798-6402.
    • There is no fee for participating in Richfield Middle School Intramurals. Involvement in after-school activities is encouraged.
    • Students must meet the school's behavior requirements to participate in any intramural activity. Students not meeting behavior requirements or leaving an activity to wander around the school may be disciplined.
    • Students must be passing all classes to participate in the Intramural Program. Activity advisors may ask students to get grade sheets signed by each of their teachers to verify passing grades.