math curriculum


    Richfield Public Schools is committed to providing engaging and rigors educational opportunity through its' academic programs. Our strategic plan is focused on ensuring that this happens for all students. Richfield Public Schools academics are driven to meet the needs of our students today and in the future by offering relevant and engaging instruction that prepares students for career and college readiness.

    The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) sets academic standards for the education of all public school students at all grade levels. According to MDE, the standards “identify the knowledge and skills that all students must achieve by the end of a grade level or grade band; help define the course credit requirements for graduation; and serve as a guide for the local adoption and design of curricula.” State and local assessments measure progress toward these standards.

    Minnesota’s standards are a blend of Common Core and state-developed standards. Richfield Public Schools has adopted additional standards for digital and media literacy. These standards undergo regular review to ensure students are learning the skills and content to be successful after high school. These standards guide our teaching and learning team to ensure we are providing the quality of instruction our students need.

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