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  • Welcome back to the school year 2019-20

    Nutrition Services is excited to get back into the kitchens preparing some new and old breakfast and lunch favorites for all of our students. Our teams will also be available at all school open houses to help families with the online submission of an educational benefits application for this school year, to collect meal deposits for student accounts, and to answer any questions. It is our goal to create a warm and welcoming environment for every student for every meal service every day. Just a few reminders as we kick off the new school year:

    1. Each household should have received a postcard mailing on August 6, 2019, with the instructions and URL to complete an educational benefits application online at This is an ANNUAL process required to receive educational benefits based on income.
    2. Each household will carry over the eligibility that they had in SY 2018-19 until Oct. 16, 2019. If we do not receive a NEW application before this date all children in the household will change to PAID status. The cost of lunch would then be $2.70 for elementary and $2.95 for secondary.
    3. In an effort to keep students and families from accruing large negative balance lunch account debt, our school meal procedure was updated to(- $25.00) for elementary students and (-$15.00) for secondary students. We will provide an alternate meal choice once a student moves beyond the negative balance amounts listed previously, and the alternate choice will also be available to all students with all meal components provided. Please monitor and manage your student’s lunch account balance online  to avoid any negative balances at all, and to make lunch account payments at any time.

    Our entire team is excited to jump into this new school year and provide well balanced and nutritious meals to all students. Our ability to increase our purchasing and preparing more local (Farm to School) products is also something that we are proud to serve. We will be highlighting our local products whenever possible to get the students and staff just as excited about them as we are to provide them.

    Here’s to a great new school year! Thanks again for your support. 

    2019-2020 Meal Prices:
    High School & Middle School $2.95
    Elementary $2.70,
    Milk .60 cents,
    Double Entree $2.00
    Breakfast is FREE for al RPS students


    Apply for FREE & Reduced Price Meals ONLINE!


    Print Out applications and bring/send to any school office.

    English Application

    Spanish Application

    Check the status of your Free & Reduced Lunch Application ONLINE
    (allow 24-48 hours for processing)



    Manage your child's meal account through FeePay here:

    When your child enters their pin number, we will alert them if their balance is low. High School and Middle School students can check their balances on the Netcash machine, located in the hallway.

    Parents/Guardians are notified when accounts are at ten dollars or less. High School students will receive a verbal notification as an additional reminder. The method for notifying the parent/guardian of children in grades K-8 will be a meal account statement or reminder note in your child’s backpack. High School students can monitor their StudentVUE meal accounts and inform their parent/guardian.  

    Your child can come through the lunch and breakfast line one time per day and choose from any of the full meal choices available with all of the side dishes and milk.

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