Welcome to Richfield Public Schools 2018-19

  • Dear Richfield Community:

    I would like to welcome you to another great year in Richfield Public Schools.  Last year you supported the students, staff, and families of Richfield Public Schools through an overwhelmingly successful referendum for our district.  This year marks the exciting start of our capital/facility work from our referendum along with using operational funds to reduce our class sizes.  Work will begin in December at our high school, STEM/RDLS, and Central Education Center buildings to transform our spaces and update our schools to better serve our students.  We are using funds from our operational referendum to reduce class sizes across the district with added class size reductions in kindergarten and first grade.  Your support had helped add extra supports for our students in every building and every program.  We continue to work in our fourth year with our strategic plan and have gathered new information through our Reimagine Richfield work.  These plans and your ongoing support help us focus directly on accomplishing our mission:  “Richfield Public Schools inspires and empowers each individual to learn, grow and excel”. 

    Inspire, empower, and excel means that Richfield Public Schools has innovative and exciting opportunities where our students excel.  Our Richfield College Experience Program at Normandale Community College along with our expanded college courses at the high school helped our students continue to improve in their graduation rate, increase their standardized test scores and gain college credits to help secure their futures.  Most students participate in extracurricular activities, while all graduates perform community service.  As a district, we received awards for art, music, business, athletics, academics and an additional wide range of our programming.  It is amazing to watch the success of our students as graduates move toward many future pathways including higher education (Normandale, the University of Minnesota, and Harvard University to name a few), the Armed Forces, trades pathways, and careers.

    We thank you for your support of our students, staff, families, community, and school.  Through our unified “Spartan Pride” we are honored to serve you and our students.  We welcome you to an exciting new year for Richfield Public Schools!

    Thank you and welcome to Richfield Public Schools, 

    Steven Unowsky, Superintendent 
    Richfield Public Schools

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