• Notice Concerning Use of Pest and Weed Control Materials

    The school district utilizes Guardian Pest Control, a licensed, professional pest control
    service firm for the prevention and control of rodents, insects and other pests in the
    buildings. Their program consists of inspection/monitoring, maintenance
    recommendations, and utilization of both non­chemical measures and EPA­registered
    pest control materials. Services typically occur the second work week of every month.

    Any chemical applications that are needed will be done after­hours, not while the area(s)
    is (are) occupied. The district utilizes the Philips Tree Care Company for grounds fertilizing
    and weed control. The materials used are also registered by the EPA and applied according to
    the manufacturer’s recommendations. Treatment usually occurs on selected weekends
    during the months of May and August. A schedule of pest and weed control inspections
    and treatments is available at the school office. The long­term health effects on children
    from the application of pest and weed control material are not fully understood. Parents
    and residents may request to receive, at their expense, prior notification of any
    application of a pest and weed control material, different from the days specified in the
    schedule. Please notify the District’s Health & Safety Consultant, at (612)­798-­6019 with
    any questions, or if you would like to receive prior notification of unscheduled

    Annual Asbestos Notification for Parents, Employees and Community Members

    In 1988, all of our school buildings were inspected for asbestos ­containing materials
    according to the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) protocol, using
    accredited inspectors. Based on the results, management plans were developed for each
    school identifying where asbestos was found. The plans and subsequent updates are on
    file and available for review in each School’s red safety center. Information is also
    available by contacting the Principal’s office or the Asbestos Designated Person at (612­)798-­6081.

    AHERA compliance activities include annual notification of building occupants
    regarding asbestos­related activities, periodic inspections, and repairs (every six months)
    and a complete re­inspect of all our buildings every three years to ensure that the
    materials are maintained in a safe condition. The six­month periodic inspections
    typically occur during the winter and summer breaks when school is not in session. The
    district’s ongoing efforts related to the management and control of asbestos­containing
    materials are focused on providing a safe and healthy environment for our building
    occupants. If you have any questions regarding this matter, you may contact the
    Asbestos Designated Person at (612)­798­-6081.


    Indoor Air Quality Management Plan

    Richfield Public Schools has developed and implemented an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
    The management plan addresses indoor air quality issues throughout the District.
    Walkthroughs and inspections of the buildings are performed annually to detect current
    problems and prevent future problems from occurring.

    Information is also available from the Minnesota Department of Health at
    https://www.health.state.mn.us/communities/environment/air/schools/index.html. If you have any
    questions or concerns regarding indoor air quality, please contact the District IAQ
    Coordinator at (612)­798-­6081.


    General Health & Safety Information

    The schools all have a safety center (red two-­drawer filing cabinet) located in the main
    office, which contains site ­specific health and safety records. This safety center allows
    for easy access for all staff, parents and community members to any health and safety
    related document (e.g., asbestos reports, OSHA written plans, indoor air quality surveys
    and testing results). Employees and the general public are encouraged to visit the
    Departments/Facilities & Grounds/Health and Safety section of the district’s website at:
    http://www.richfieldschools.org/ for additional information including names and numbers
    of the Health & Safety Team (i.e., Health & Safety Consultant, Indoor Air Quality
    Coordinator, Asbestos Coordinator, & Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Officer).