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    Technology and Device Usage Policies

    Fee Schedule for Grade 6-12 Chromebook Damage

    • Students issued used devices at RMS may be subject to decreased fine amounts due to light wear on devices upon issue.
    • RMS students will not be issued a case. Parents are welcome to buy a device case or have students pick up a used one in the media center.
    • Last year’s 6th-grade students who paid the $30 device fee will be grandfathered in for two years by being allowed two accidental breaks before the fining system is implemented.
    • Lost chargers will be treated the same as a device break. Families may choose to order a new cord on their own if they lose one.




    Action Required By Student

    Level 1 Damage: ​Limited impact on performance and learning - still usable

    Fee: None

    • Scratched
    • Corner Damage
    • Filthy

    Report to school at turn-in or

    If it affects learning by way of performance issues.

    Level 2 Damage: ​Affects performance of the device and ability to learn with its usage

    Fee: $20

    • Cracked screen
    • Accidentally missing keys (popped off)
    • Power supply damaged or lost

    Report to school immediately.

    Level 3 Damage: ​Totalled or Lost

    Fee: $50

    • Device is lost or damaged beyond repair as determined by district technicians, and/or media specialists

    Report to school immediately. If device is suspected of vandalism, see “vandalism” below.

    Lost Case: Treated as a level 2 Damage.

    Fee: $20

    • The case is lost or damaged beyond use

    Report to school immediately.


    Fee: ​full cost of repair or


    • User inflicts intentional damage on device.

    School may file a police report.



    *Theft will be investigated, so please be sure that it’s a theft and not a loss due to negligence.

    • Theft of device at school or outside of school.

    At school, report to media center & police liaison officer.

    Outside of school, file a police report immediately.




    Acción requerida por el estudiante

    Nivel 1 Daño: ​Impacto limitado en el rendimiento y aprendizaje - aún se puede usar.

    Pago: Ninguno

    • Rayado
    • Daño de esquina
    • Sucio

    Reporte a la escuela y entregarla si este afecta el aprendizaje por problemas de funcionamiento.

    Nivel 2 Daño: ​Afecta el funcionamiento del electrónico y la habilidad de aprendizaje con su uso.

    Pago: $20

    • Pantalla rajada
    • Teclas que faltan accidentalmente (se salieron)
    • Fuente de electricidad dañado o perdido.

    Reporte a la escuela inmediatamente.

    Nivel 3 Daño: Inoperable o perdido.

    Pago: $50

    • El device se perdió o dañó a pesar de la reparación como se determinó por los técnicos del distrito y/o especialistas de los medios

    Reporte a la escuela inmediatamente. Si el device está sujeto a  vandalismo ver “vandalism” debajo.

    Estuche Perdido: Tratado como un daño de nivel  2.

    Pago: $20

    • El estuche se perdió o dañó y no se pudo arreglar.

    Reporte a la escuela inmediatamente.


    Pago: ​completo de costo de reparación o reemplazo

    • El usuario ocasiona daño intencional en el device.

    La escuela puede declarar un reporte a la policía.



    *El robo será investigado, entonces asegúrese de reportar que es un robo no una pérdida debido a negligencia..

    • El robo del device en la escuela o fuera de la escuela.

    En la escuela, de el reporte al media

    center & al policía de enlace de la escuela.

    Fuera de la escuela, entregar un Reporte al policía inmediatamente.

Internet Resources

  • Updated 3/23/20

    Internet Essentials from Comcast is offering 60 days of free internet to new subscribers (normally $9.99 per month). Internet Essentials is a low-cost internet service for low-income families. To learn more, visit or call 1-855-846-8376 (English) or 1-855-765-6995 (Spanish).

    Xfinity WiFi hotspots will be available to use for free for anyone who needs them – including non-Xfinity Internet subscribers. For a map of Xfinity WiFi hotspots, visit Once you're near an Xfinity hotspot, select the “xfinitywifi” network name in the list of available hotspots, and then launch a browser.