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    Dear Richfield Community,

    As you may know, Richfield Public Schools completed a thorough capital/facility study this spring.  As a result, the district will be running a referendum campaign to ask our voters for resources to help continue our strong momentum for years to come.  We will be asking our highly supportive community two questions on the ballot on November 7, 2017, both of which are vital to the work of Richfield Public Schools.


    Question 1:  Increase in operating levy

    Operational referendum dollars are vital to providing funds to serve our students.  We will be asking for an increase of $450 per student, which would increase property taxes approximately $7.67 per month on a $210,000 home in Richfield.

    Question 2:  Capital bonds

    Capital bond referendum dollars allow us to effectively maintain our buildings while improving safety, security, traffic flow, and classroom spaces.  These dollars will be used to directly impact our students and our schools.  Richfield has not had a significant property-based investment since the mid-1990s.  Our Richfield community did an exceptional job in the 1950s and 1960s building sound structures, but after 50 years, our buildings face significant, long-term facility maintenance to continue and improve the value of the initial taxpayer investment.  

    Our facility study identified $120 million in maintenance.  Board authority allows for approximately $32.5 million, which can only be used for very specific air quality and/or security projects. The amount authorized by board increases property taxes $1.83. We will ask our community to fund the additional $86.8 million at a cost of approximately $13.58 on a $210,000 home.

    The total impact would be $7.67 + $13.68 + $1.83 = $23.08/month on a $210,000 home. 

    Please contact Superintendent Steve Unowsky (612)798-6011 if you have any questions.