We inspire and empower each individual to learn, grow, and excel

  • Why choose Richfield Public Schools?

    Low Class Sizes

    Richfield Public Schools provides a world-class education with a small-town feel. District-wide, our class sizes are among the lowest in the entire metro area. Our schools provide small, personalized, nurturing and stimulating learning environments with teachers who build strong relationships with families.

    Personalized Attention

    Our classroom teachers, specialists and support staff attend to each child’s unique learning needs. Whether a child benefits from additional supports - like English Language Learners, Newcomer Academy or Special Education - or the additional challenges provided by a rigorous curriculum and a strong gifted and talented program, we meet your child where they are at and work with you to guide them to the next level.


    We believe that valuing our diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives fosters unity and empowers all.

    High-Quality Coursework

    We offer a range of challenging programs and pathways that provide students with a seamless transition from pre-kindergarten through their senior year of high school and beyond.

    Enriched Learning

    We believe that participation in co-curricular activities and athletics plays an important role in the growth and development of students. We offer our students more than 60 different activities, fine arts, and athletic opportunities. Most students participate in extracurricular activities, while all graduates perform community service. Learning is also enriched through community and corporate partnerships, field trips, school assemblies, and the support of skilled and committed volunteers. 

    Don’t take our word for it … see for yourself! We welcome you to schedule a tour with any of our school principals or call 612-798-6007 for more information.