Swimming and Diving Attendance Policy

  • We feel that for Richfield High School to maintain it’s tradition as a strong competitive swimming program, we must continue to take steps in a positive direction that lead to the positive growth and development of our athletes.

    For us to attain high levels of athletic achievement, a set of policies has been established to follow. The policies will help the swimmers, divers and coaching staff to progress and strive toward being one of the best high school swimming and diving programs in the state of Minnesota.

    Parents, your support is crucial if we hope to attain our goal.  If you have questions or concerns we would appreciate your comments.  Please note the following policies:

    1.      If the athlete is to miss practice, advance notice in writing is required.  Or, you may leave a message on Mr. Hamren’s e-mail Marc.Hamren@rpsmn.org

    2.  If the athlete is to come to practice late or leave early, the same response as in item one is required.

    3.  If the athlete is ill and unable to attend practice, the same response as in item one is required.

    4.  If you know of all conflicts for the entire season, we will record them for your convenience.

    5.  Athletes not attending school the day of a meet will not participate in that competition.  Athletes not making a sufficient number of practices leading up to a given meet will not be allowed to participate in that competition either.

    6.  Athletes will not be allowed to leave an athletic contest until it has been completed.  In an emergency situation, an athlete may leave a meet with his parents, but it is greatly preferred that transportation home is on the bus.  (A note from the parent is required in such cases.)

    Richfield Swimming Lettering Policy  

    Swimmers need to score 29 varsity points to letter.  (Less than last year because we have fewer meets).

    Relays are scored depending on the number of lanes...

                6 lanes or more:   8 - 4 - 2
                5 lanes or less:     6 - 3 - 1

    Swimmers will receive half points for relays.  (Eg. 1st place in a relay in a 6 lane pool = 4 letter points for each swimmer in the relay).

    Individual events are scored depending on the number of lanes...

                6 lanes or more:  6-4-3-2-1
                5 lanes or less:     4-3-1

    In invitationals, swimmers will be given half value for individual events and one-quarter value for relays (eg. a swimmer wins an event which is 16 points; the swimmer receives 8 letter points).  A relay team wins an event which is 32 points; each swimmer receives 8 letter points.  No letter points will be awarded at the true team Section meet.

    Sectional championships.  Anyone who makes the finals in an individual event will automatically letter (top 16).  

    Each swimmer will start the season with 8 letter points.  However, for each practice missed, excused or unexcused, 1 point will be deducted.  This includes morning practices!  Example:  A swimmer earns 23 letter points in meets during the season, but has missed 5 practices.  At the end of the season, the 8 free points are added, bringing the total to 31.  But then 5 points are deducted for the missed practices, bringing the total to 26...  No letter.  

    Attendance is important, not only in terms of points but especially in terms of getting in shape. Regular attendance will help ensure that you are ready to race at dual and invitational meets during the year, and more importantly, for the championship meets at season’s end!  I’d like to see our whole team at perfect attendance this season!